Publishing is an important task of the Association. It issues two periodic publications.

Geografski vestnik/Geographical Bulletin is a journal of geography and related disciplines. It has been published since 1925 and is therefore not only the oldest Slovenian geography journal, but also one of Slovenia’s oldest periodicals. Since 2000, two issues have appeared per year. In 2008, the journal issued its 80th anniversary volume. To date it has published a total of 846 research articles and 2,131 other articles on almost 17,000 pages.

Geografski obzornik/Geographic Horizon, a geographic journal – was established to popularise geography. It has been issued from the year 1954 onwards. The nature of it contents is informative and devoted to the modernisation of geography teaching and the spreading of professional knowledge. It is issued four times a year.

Besides this central publications the Association has published several studies related to the topics of the meetings of Slovene geographers. Other professional publications have been supported as well. Two books were issued to inform the international geographic community on the nation-state and the geographic research in the newly-formed middle-European country: Slovenia, Geographic Aspects of a New Independent European Nation (1991) and Slovenia : A Gateway to Central Europe (1996). In order to present Slovenia and Slovenian geography to the international professional world the Association published  Slovenia: a geographical overview.